The scoring system changes slightly every year but largely the weighting per station is the same.

As of 2017 the maximum available score was 342. The overall minimal appointable score was 230 (i.e. candidates had to get this or above to be eligible for a job offer).

The score breakdown is shown in the chart below. In addition to the 5 interview stations you get marks for your Personal Skills Assessment (PSA) forms. Note that the largest proportion of the marks are on the Portfolio station. Roughly half of these are taken from the validation of your self-assessment questions which is done before you enter the station and the other half is on your answers to set questions once you enter the station.

As of 2016 there are no ‘killer stations’. There has previously been a so called killer station (usually the clinical) where you have to score above a set amount for that individual station in order to be eligible for a job offer in addition to your overall score being above the minimum appointable threshold.

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