In 2024, Orthopaedic registrar job numbers are estimated to be between 83 and 162. In 2023 there were 157 jobs that interview candidates were successfully appointed to.

During the application process each region releases the preliminary number of jobs they have available. This varies considerably and is often not confirmed until the last minute so all published numbers are subject to change. Applicants then have to rank all the jobs in order of preference. Jobs are given out based on how well candidates score at interview with highest ranked candidates getting their first ranked jobs.

The preliminary Orthopaedic registrar job numbers available in each region for 2024 are shown in the table below. We have also given the final number of jobs in each region from 2023 to give you an idea of where the final number is likely to be.  


ST3 jobs in 2024 (jobs in 2023)

East Midlands

7-9 (19)

East of England

0-10 (18)

North East

0-5 (6)

North West (North West)

4-10 (8)

North West (Mersey)

4-10 (8)


3-4 (16)

South West (Peninsula)

2-4 (5)

South West (Severn)

0-12 (7)


24-39 (20)

Kent, Surrey & Sussex

17-19 (15)

Thames Valley

2-4 (3)


6-11 (6)

West Midlands

6-17 (13)

Yorkshire and the Humber

8 (13)
Orthopaedic registrar deanery LETB region map ST3
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