Get the best preparation for your 2023 ST3 Orthopaedic interview with OrthoPrep. Our aim is to get you your first choice job at national selection.

Our website includes information on  Orthopaedic training pathways, stats on the jobs available in each deanery and the latest competition rates as well as a detailed description of the application process and ST3 orthopaedic interview scoring system.

We also provide an extensive question bank of practice orthopaedic interview questions. View our free sample questions or sign up to get access to the complete question bank.

We have previously run a highly realistic mock ST3 interview in Oxford. We are hoping to run a mock interview in the run up to the 2023 interviews but more details will be announced closer to the time. To find out more visit out mock interview page or sign up to our mailing list.

ST3 Orthopaedic registrar interview

The most important part of your Orthopaedic ST3 2023 application is the interview. Sign up to our bank of mock ST3 interview questions for £55 to get access until interview day.

All of our content is written by top ranking registrars, who have in depth knowledge of the ST3 national selection process. Our question bank provides model answers for all the common interview question that come up year after year, and in addition we provide tips on structure, content and delivery of interview answers.

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