Prior to 2020, a candidate’s overall score was comprised of the total marks from 5 interview stations as well as marks from the validation of the self-assessment questions completed during the application. Being as the face-to-face element of the 2020 interviews was cancelled due to COVID-19, scores were given only for the self-assessment responses candidate’s gave and these were not validated. In 2021, the self-assessment questions were validated and this counted towards the final  score. In addition, 3 of the original 5 stations were run via an online interview (for more information see our interview page). It is expected that the interviews will continue with this format for the time being.

The vast majoity of the marks on offer are dependent upon your performace on the day of the ST3 selection interview. The minimal appointable score is usually about 70% (i.e. candidates have to score at least 70% of the points on offer to be eligible for a registrar job).

Please note: the information above is based on the T&O ST3 Applicant’s Handbook and our experience of previous year’s selection rounds but is all subject to change. 

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